Chief Operating Officer



Chris joined Alatus in Julyof 2015.

As Chief Operating Officer,Chris is responsible for leading the Alatus commercial and multi-family realestate development portfolio of projects through all facets of the developmentcycle in additional to implementing the Alatus operational and proceduralprocesses to create successful development outcomes within the Alatusteam.  This includes day-to-day Alatus development and constructionprocess implementation, in addition to project sourcing, feasibility analysis,entitlement and approvals processes, design and architectural review, andconstruction overview and progress tracking, as well as debt and equityplacement and execution. Alatus currently has 686 units of multi-familyresidential units under development or approaching leasing stabilization acrossall spectrums of the housing sector – from affordable Section 42 / LIHTCexecutions to multi-family luxury projects.  Every project has elements ofpublic-private partnerships, transit-oriented development characteristics, andenvironmental sustainability enhancements (centralized heating and coolingsystems, LEED, solar array installations, etc.) to ensure long-term performanceof the communities that Alatus creates.

Prior to joining Alatus,Chris was a Development Associate with Dominium Development & Acquisition.There, Chris worked to close multiple projects throughout the United States,mainly in affordable housing programs including Section 42 LIHTC and Section 8.

Chris is a graduate of theUniversity of Wisconsin – Madison, Wisconsin School of Business. Chris is alsoactively involved in the University of Wisconsin Real Estate Alumni Association(UWREAA) and Urban Land Institute and participates in panel discussionsthroughout the Twin Cities multi-family real estate sector in addition to beingactively involved in the Rochester development community.