We create homes

that are sustainable

that are thoughtful

that are intentional

that are creative

that are elevated

that are unique

Everyone deserves to live in a community they are proud of, at Alatus, we strive to make that happen.

Alatus is the ancient Greek word for “to take flight”, or “to look beyond”. We do both, delivering projects and performance that are consistently above and beyond the expected, while continuously searching the horizon for new opportunities.

At Alatus, we are passionate about building homes, as housing is a foundation of life. Our mission is to produce exceptional multifamily homes and to better Minnesota’s housing supply, because everyone deserves to live in a community they are proud of.

We are conscientious stewards of the environments, communities, and tenants we serve.  We’re entrusted to provide responsible homes that contribute to our clients’ quality of life, while helping preserve the surrounding ecosystems.

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